Smart Grid

Smart energy revolution

Nowadays, one of the main objectives of businesses and condominiums is an efficient distribution of energy, for both a sustainable purpose and for consumption savings.
Smart grids are the solution: through the integration of efficient IoT platforms with the electric distribution network it is possible to manage energy smartly, without wasting it:

  • Zero overload
  • Voltage variation according to necessities
  • Storage of surplus energy
  • Trade of energy surplus

Your energy becomes income

By implementing a smart grid in a building of a company, a factory or in a condominium, not only it is possible to optimize energy utilization and reduce its consumption, but also to earn for the surplus energy.

Let’s imagine, for example, a fleet of electric shared vehicles, charged with a low cost energy in a factory equipped with a smart lighting system (smart lighting that turns on only to the passage of people or vehicles): when the cars are parked, these can give part of their energy to the building (parking lot, courtyard, common areas, etc…) that otherwise would have to draw from the grid at the day-time fee.

Another example could be a factory with high energy efficiency plants and excellent energy storage systems: by sharing online information about stored energy, the facility is able to redistribute this surplus energy, and eventually earn from it.


Advantages of a smart grid

Thanks to an efficient smart grid, everything that uses electricity in a building or in an industry, from the cars to production machinery, is able to give part of this electricity when needed. This system completely replaces the old centralized electricity generation, as every building, can potentially become a peripheral knot of the energy distribution grid.

An innovation that carries many advantages to people and ecosystems:

  • Zero energy wastes: a smaller consumption represents an economic advantage for a single user and an overall advantage for the enviroment.
  • 24/24 online monitoring: remote control allows to prevent malfunctioning and achieve a continous optimization of consumption, even when the requirements change.

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Project financed thanks to the contribution of 65% of the Por Campania Fesr 2014-2020. The project is co-financed by the European Union, the Italian State and the Campania Region, as part of the POR Campania FESR 2014-2020