Efficient fleets for avantgarde businesses

An efficient management of a corporate fleet is a complex operation, but it often represents one of the strategic activities considered essential for a company. For this reason Be Smart offers eCorp: a fresh platform for a simplier and optimized management of corporate fleets.

Flexibility to meet the requirements of your company

The requirements of the fleet management can change according to the operating field of the company, to the number of vehicles needed, and to the usage of the fleet. eCorp, with its flexible management platform, allows to:

  • Manage an electric fleet of cars, bikes and/or vans
  • Use adequately the fleet, by optimizing the bookings
  • Obtain efficient and clear reports on consumption and mileage
  • Manage different booking methods, also after working hours

Technology for the optimization of your vehicles

The management platform for corporate fleets eCorp offers an innovative technology able to optimize at best the use that your workers make of the vehicles.

eCorp guarantees a balanced use of every vehicle
If booking is left to chance, some vehicles can be remain unused, while others can be over-used and be subject to a precocious wear and tear. The eCorp system optimizes the fleet at every reservation, to balance the vehicles’ consumption and wear.

eCorp makes the fleet more efficient and profitable
Monitoring consumtion, mileage, and more in general the use of the fleet will help you understand more deeply your company’s requirements, and identify possible meliorative interventions to realize a true ROI (return on Investment) on the fleet itself.

Transform your vehicles in incentives for your employees
To exploit at the most the potential of your corporate fleet and obtain a profit, the eCorp system is able to manage the vehicle reservation even outside the working hours. In this way these can be used as incentives, a bonus system to allow your employees to use the fleet for free. Or you could offer them to your workers for an after work use at very convenient fees, achieving a profit.

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