About us

Smart City Pioneers

Be Smart is an innovative italian start up of the NHP group that operates in the sustainability sector with smart mobility and energy efficiency projects. Our technology is based on digital control of information systems connected with IoT devices: in this way we work with a view on smart cities, achieving small and big projects where energy and mobility become sustainable.

Technology for a more simple and sustainable world

Smart City means improving the quality of life and meeting citizens’ requirements. To accomplish these goals, an accurate planning and integration between the different technologies, and between technologies and environment is essential. For this reason, our work focuses on the collection and analysis of real data and on developing web applications to make the process more efficient, fast, simple, sustainable.

How did we get here?

We began in 2013 with the first electric car sharing project launched in Italy, when this new concept of sustainable mobility was still moving its first steps, and many people had not heard about it yet. This successful experience paved the way for innovative technologies to manage corporate fleets and automated rental.


In 2015 Be Smart designed an innovative service to realize smart car parks, integrating smart lighting systems – low energy lighting that turns on only when required – with online web applications for booking and parking space occupancy.


In 2016, our interest extended towards the energy market to achieve an efficient optimization of energy supply, reduce costs and environmental impacts of businesses.


During these early years we engaged partnerships with prestigeous companies such as Deloitte, international giant of financial and ICT advisory, Stonewall Capital SrL, incubator of innovative business ideas, and KES Srl, which develops ICT platforms for Smart City services.

Project financed thanks to the contribution of 65% of the Por Campania Fesr 2014-2020. The project is co-financed by the European Union, the Italian State and the Campania Region, as part of the POR Campania FESR 2014-2020